The Madness of July

The Madness of July

by James Naughtie

Overview:The Madness of July is set in the late 1970s, and takes place during six sweltering days in the month that gives the book its title. Will Flemyng was trained as a spy for a life behind enemy lines, but now he is in politics—and rising to the top. But when a bizarre death starts to unravel some of the most sensitive secrets of his government, Will is drawn back into the shadows of the Cold War and begins to dance with danger once more.

Buffeted by political forces and the powerful women around him, and caught in interlocking mysteries he must disentangle—including a potentially lethal family secret—Flemyng faces his vulnerability and learns, through betrayal and tragedy, more truth about his world than he has ever known.

Masterfully weaving together espionage, political intrigue, and family drama, James Naughtie has written a spy novel for the ages, worthy of comparison to the finest work of Charles McCarry and Robert Littell.

Deanna Boe (01/26/19): I am not sure how to pronounce the author’s last name, but Mr. Naughtie is a “naughty” man to have written such an “ill-disciplined” spy novel. I enjoy a good spy novel, but this one was all over the place and difficult to follow. Unless you are really into spy novels and willing to trudge through a very confusing scenario, don’t bother. The characters are British and American diplomats. He loves to use either their first names or their last names at different parts of the book which also makes it difficult to follow who is who. It seems to take forever to get to the actual point of the story, and even then you want to say “so what?” Unfortunately, this makes my second negative review in a row.
Rating: **

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