The Man From Beijing

The Man From Beijing

by Henning Mankell

Arlene Almas (10/01/11): This is not strictly a Swedish mystery - I'd call it a global mystery. The story does start off in Sweden with a horrendous mass murder, but eventually passes through China, the United States, Africa, and (briefly) London. The main character is a Swedish judge, Birgitta Roslin, who through coincidence becomes interested and then involved in the murder investigation, although she is not a member of the police and does not work in the region where the crime took place. A number of strong, influential women populate the narrative; some are Birgitta's friends and others are those she meets as the story progresses. I think readers will enjoy following in Birgitta's footsteps and attempting to resolve the mystery of the murders. Mankell has created a suspenseful narrative and a very sympathetic character. .
Rating: *****

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