The Man From the Other Side

The Man From the Other Side

by Uri Orlev

Faith Bowers (06/18/14): This is classified as a children's book but is a wonderful accounting of the Warsaw Uprising. The main character is a large 14 year old boy who has a mother and a stepfather. The stepfather goes into the sewers to the Warsaw Ghetto to sell food. He takes his stepson Marek with him. Marek learns the "business" and becomes closer to his stepfather. He meets all kinds of Jews in the Ghetto which enlightens him by finding out they they are real people. He is a religious Catholic and likes the Church and that is where he meets a Jew in hiding and decides to help him. There are many well developed characters in this short children's story which was why I liked it very much and much better than Run Boy Run which I read in the same week. Rating: *****

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