The Meaning of Truth

The Meaning of Truth

by Nicole J. Sachs

Anne Ferber (01/24/13): Full Disclosure: I am the mother of Nicole J. Sachs, so you may assume there is some bias to these remarks. However as an MSW (U. of MD ’72,) I do have an objective perspective that I would like to share.

Nicole was raised as an only child, so our relationship was one-on-one and without the interference of sibling rivalry. This allowed for long and continuous conversations throughout our lives, usually a variant of the same theme: Are you happy? Am I happy? What is happiness? How do people create happiness for themselves? How do they deal with suffering?

Now, after years of study, application and clinical practice, Nicole has written a book that turns all those years of practical inquiry on its ear. Happiness is moments. Moments that reveal themselves, as we peel away the long-standing messages that have led us to believe in the existence of a “state of happiness.”

This book is an actual guide, through personal sharing and technique that will open up a new way of looking at yourself, your loved ones and the world around you. That is, if you allow some unconventional ideas to enter into the river of thought that is constantly flowing through your head. Nicole’s ideas are fascinating, passionate, genuine, and, to be sure, different than the slew of self-help books that promote “general well-being.”

I highly recommend this concise and pointed alternative look at human nature. Yours, mine and others you may know.
Rating: *****

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