The Mercy of Thin Air

The Mercy of Thin Air

by Ronlyn Domingue

Dale Israel: I've always been fascinated with death, dying and life hereafter so when my friend told me about a book that gives you a glimpse into the "other side," I couldn't wait to delve into it. Loosely similar to The Lovely Bones, Ronlyn Domingue's debut novel, The Mercy of Thin Air, is a fascinating story narrated by a ghost named Razi. In 1920's New Orleans, a smart and fearless Razi is in the throes of a passionate love affair when she tragically dies in an accident. Immediately following her death, she chooses to remain in the "between"--a realm that exists after life and before whatever lies beyond it. This novel tells the story of two tragic love stories that echos across three generations and ends in a breath taking finish. At times, this book was difficult to read...I o! ften found myself re-reading passages as I was never certain if Razi was referring to her life "in between" or remembering times past. Frequently, I thought the author was communicating through streams of consciousness but with additional study was able to grasp her meaning. Thankfully, chapters are very short which made reading this book much easier. I find it interesting that this book (The Mercy of Thin Air) and the book I read and reviewed immediately before this one (The Little Book), both involved a back in time, and one moving forward in time! I really enjoyed both books a lot...both were very unique and the authors were extremely creative. Certainly not your "run of the mill book!" Enjoy!
Rating: ****

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