The Myth of You and Me

The Myth of You and Me

by Leah Stewart

Anne Ferber: I read this one rainy Sunday afternoon and it was a perfect way to spend the day. Cameron and Sonia meet at the age of fourteen and become inseparable until they graduate college and then take a trip together during which secrets are revealed that rupture the friendship and there is a lot of bad behavior on both sides. Now it's eight years later and Cameron receives a mysterious letter in her own handwriting inviting her to be maid of honor at Sonia's wedding.

She ignores the invitation but her employer--a man in his 90's--makes a request that she cannot refuse, and so she goes alone cross country in search of Sonia. Every situation she encounters is full of narrative tension, partly because of her own insecure personality (she's 6'2")and childhood unresolved neuroses, and so the tale keeps you attending because it could turn out a number of different ways.

If you've ever had a best ,BEST friend in preadolescence, you will recognize much of the emotional roller-coaster here, as well as the realization that maturing brings on complexities and understanding that change the standards of friendship.
Rating: ****

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