The Passage

The Passage: A Novel

by Justin Cronin

Wanda Cohen: OK. This book was recommended on everyone's must read list for the summer. It is amazing, disturbing and an intense page turner. It is upsetting as you takes you along on a "roller coaster" ride that doesn't end on the last page. It is a greatly written book. I want to talk about it with others. Someone else please read this book and let me know what you think!! I almost have to read it again to be sure I didn't miss anything. It is excellently creepy in the possibility that it could happen. What would the world look like if it really did happen? Would we humans continue to have children? Would we be given the chance?

The Army had no idea what it's latest experiment, in the attempt to create the most excellent soldier, would actually create. Nor did they expect for a moment that it could escape or what would happen if it did.

Cronin is a brilliant author. He and Stephen King share similar minds. That's a great thing if you enjoy having goose bumps while you read. Not so good if you expect to sleep after reading some of the pages in this book. It's the first of a series and I hope that Cronin is a speed writer! Buy it and share it with others. And write a review because I want to know what others think of this novel!
Rating: *****

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