The Pat Conroy Cookbook

The Pat Conroy Cookbook

by Pat Conroy

Barb Crout: This book is an autobiographical journey through cities, restaurants, inns, kitchens from Paris to Rome to Bangkok (and in-between) and across America to the coast of South Carolina, where he finally finds his “home”. It is filled with great recipes and loaded with humorous stories of the many characters he meets, both the familiar and not-so-familiar. Mr. Conroy says that his “stories and recipes co-mingle” – that they do!

This is a fun read by an interesting man whom most remember from his earlier books, "The Lords of Discipline," "The Water Is Wide," "The Great Santini," and, of course, "The Prince of Tides." This is a book you will want to keep for your recipe box!
Rating: ****

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