The Pig & Me

The Pig & Me: A Memoir

by Lindsay Frucci

Sue Tobelman (01/05/12): Lindsay Frucci has written an inspirational page-turner, filled with experiences that can be positive lessons for everyone. Her writing style grabbed me from the start - her honesty, sense of humor, and hope for something better. I couldn’t put the book down. Ms. Frucci’s amazing story began with an idea and a fine-tuned recipe. Her persistence and determination, along with her hard work and tenacity are the reasons she became a successful entrepreneur. The “No Pudge” company grew from a dream to a nationally successful business in part because she was receptive to guidance and support from those with more experience.

This book is an honest account of a tumultuous journey. Ms. Frucci experienced highs and lows as she struggled to get her business off the ground. Entrepreneurs, business students, mothers, or anyone with a dream to start a business should read this book. Lindsay Frucci is an inspiration. Personally, I hope this book is the first of many to come.
Rating: *****

Nancy Askew (11/15/11): Just finished this very heart warming book. I thought it was very well written and there were parts of the story that I felt like I was standing right next to her helping her make the brownies. I am recomending this book to all my friends and getting it as Christmas presents for my family.
Rating: *****

Susan Weiler (11/09/11): The Pig and Me is a MUST READ for anyone who believes she has a viable business idea but is not getting moral support from family or friends. Ms. Frucci has written an honest, easy to read, almost conversational, account of what it's really like for a "regular person" to start and build a business. A "hold nothing back, this is the way it really is" memoir, it is not preachy or condescending. It covers the highs and the lows, the successes and the failures Ms. Frucci faced along the way. It is a MUST READ.
Rating: *****

Judy Hudson (11/01/11): I highly recommend this book! The Pig and Me is a very personal and honest story of a Mom who started a non-fat brownie business to help her family after a bankruptcy. She did it against all odds non-supportive husband, naysayers, demands of raising a family and complete ignorance of all that was involved in the food industry in taking her non-fat, yummy brownies to market . She writes with great humor about the craziness in her business, her family and her expectations. As a reader I watched her family and business grow through this incredible experience. I became a silent fan rooting her on. This is a very inspirational, fun read that you will not be able to put down. I bought books for everyone in my family. I hope they learn from Lindsay Frucci how to pursue their dreams with laughter, tenacity and passion. Be prepared, though, for an unexpected twist of fate at the end.
Rating: *****

Weezie (11/01/11): Lindsay Frucci's story from motherhood to business woman is truly inspiring. It is a story of defeat to victory and all in between! Just when Lindsay thinks that life can't deal her anymore "lemons"...she perseveres. This book has it all: tears and humor!! I highly recommend this read!!!!
Rating: *****

Mary O'Brien (08/24/11): The Pig & Me – the title alone grabs your attention! Is it a book about farms, animals, pet pigs? Actually none of the above. This is a memoir, written by Lindsay Frucci, and the pig in question is the logo for a product called No Pudge Brownies. I first read an excerpt on Amazon and got hooked. I really enjoyed the author’s writing style and that is what prompted me to buy the book.

This is a fascinating story of how the author takes an idea for a “healthier and better” brownie mix and, with no business experience to speak of, creates a product, No Pudge Brownies. The idea takes shape at home, in her kitchen, and from there the book takes you through all the challenges, excitement, trials and tribulations of this venture. It’s about the challenges of balancing home life with the stresses of starting the company, challenges and excitement involved in selling her product and convincing stores to stock it, the trials of worrying about financial issues and getting the support of her husband for the venture. But the tale of hard work is also mixed with dry humor and stories of some hilarious incidents that will really get you laughing.

I loved this book - a true story and a real page turner. I highly recommend it.
Rating: *****

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