The Priest and the Medium

The Priest and the Medium

by Suzanne Giesemann

Wanda Cohen (01/12/13): I found the title of this book interesting so I picked it up in the hopes that the novel would be as interesting as the title. It is. I found it sweet and gentle as Suzanne tells the story of B. Anne Gehman, a gifted intuitive and Spiritualist Preacher, and Wayne Knoll Ph.D. a Georgetown Professor, winning football coach and Jesuit Priest, in a way that allows you to get to know both separately with their stories intertwining late in the book.

What happens when you realize that your vision for your perfect life isn't so perfect after all? How do you cope with never seeming to find what makes you feel alive? Anne and Wayne face these questions head on. Both Anne and Wayne have extraordinary gifts, one mainstream and one a bit more "out there." They also have human struggles and make decisions that could have easily rendered them broken or worse. They practice religion in very different ways and yet they manage to combine them without taking away from either one but instead adding a richness that was missing before.

I recommend this one. Suzanne is a very good writer and she tells this interesting story well. I give it a 3+
Rating: ***+

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