The Professors' Wives' Club

by Joanne Rendell

Wanda Cohen: I picked up this book because of it's cover and it's still true, you can't judge a book by it's cover! This is Rendell's first novel and it is a good stepping stone for her. It "fits" like an old slipper. It's comfortable and easy and gets you from point A to point B but it's not overly exciting along the way. It's almost like a revised edition of The First Wives' Club. Having said all that, I appreciate her courage to write and publish a book. This one could easily be the first of a series and then it might be a great starting point for really developing and expanding her likable characters and creating more diverse and unexpected plots.

The setting is New York on the campus of Manhattan U. We meet the main characters in a beautiful, small garden that's next to faculty housing. The women are all different and interesting and each is facing their own unique issues. Their struggle to solve those issues and to save the garden is what draws them together. Their one place to relax, paint, escape and think, is being threatened and they pull together to protect both themselves and their sanctuary. I love that these four women move from victims to victory. It's a reliable read and would be great for a break from intense reading, or for a plane trip, or for someone recovering from illness and not into heavy reading or thinking.
Rating: ***

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