The Pull of the Moon

by Elizabeth Berg

Kim Sisto Robinson: Is there an author you continually go back to; an author whose words are like savoring a hot fudge sundae that you desire to last forever? For me, that author is Elizabeth Berg. I find myself rereading her books as a kind of medicine for healing. She understands and loves women. She is like one of our wild girlfriends.

"The Pull of the Moon" is my all time favorite chocolate sundae by Berg. Nan is turning 50 years old and ponders where her life is leading. She's not appreciated, accepted, or as sexy as she once was. She feels as if her world is irrelevant. She says this: "Well, most women are full to the brim, that's all...We are, most of us, ready to explode."

Nan decides to take a road trip to seek out her lost identify. She composes letters to her husband, Martin, along the way. She writes: "Dear Martin, I don't mean this to be against you. I don't mean any of it to be against you. Or even about you. I have felt for so long like I am drowning."

"The Pull of the Moon" is for every woman regardless of her circumstances. Berg writes what we think, but would not carry out. As readers we can live vicariously through Nan's adventures and experiences on the road. We can get away to re-discover ourselves. We can live inside somebody else's stilettos for an hour or two. I can still taste the warm chocolate upon my tongue. Thank you for that, Ms. Berg.
Rating: *****

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