The Rental Sister

The Rental Sister

by Jeff Backhaus

Overview: Megumi, a young Japanese woman living in New York and hiding from her past, is hired to help rescue Thomas, an enigmatic, scarred man who has isolated himself in his bedroom for three years. With the tacit acceptance of Thomasís wife, a passionate relationship develops between Megumi and Thomas. Its emotional impact and surprising conclusion will leave all three characters forever changed. Mirroring both East and West in its search for healing,?The Rental Sister pierces the emotional walls of grief and delves into the power of human connection to break through to the world waiting outside.

Faith Bowers (09/23/14): More often than not, without a recommendation, I pick out a book from the library shelf and it is good. This is one of them. You really got to know the two main characters who both have experiences with guilt from death and their ability to connect. Thomas has been hidden in his room for three years and because Megumi is a stranger with a similar experience she is able to draw him out from the room. His wife stayed with him but was at her wits end. The wife is not fully developed as a character though she is instrumental in making the story happen. It was a fast read and though it started out strange with Thomas in his room and sneaking out, The Rental Sister become an enjoyable book.
Rating: ****

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