The Reservoir

The Reservoir

by John Milliken Thomas

Dale Israel (11/14/11): After many months of not being able to read (reader's block?) I finally found a novel that kept my attention! The Reservoir by John Milliken Thompson t akes place in post-Civil War Richmond, Virginia. A pregnant woman is found floating in the reservoir and Tommie Cluverius is accused of the murder...but did he do it? Tommie and Lillian were lovers but there were reasons why he might have murdered her, or, was it suicide? Tommie really wasn't the type to commit murder but throughout most, if not all of the novel, the author leaves the question of his guilt open for speculation. A psychological suspense novel with a little courtroom drama thrown in for good measure, this was not your typical murder mystery. I enjoyed this novel but would not call it 'delicious.' The author did a great job of describing events and he moved the storyline along nicely. A pleasant read that I hope has gotten me back on track reading.
Rating: *****

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