The Road Home

The Road Home

by Rose Tremain

Arlene Almas (06/03/12): Rose Tremain delivers a wonderfully absorbing narrative about the cultural journey an immigrant must make, after his geographical journey is over, if he is to succeed at life in his new country. Lev has left his home in a small town in eastern Europe, where few jobs are to be had. He leaves behind his young daughter, his mother, and his best friend (his wife has died several years earlier), with the promise to send money from his earnings in London and to return home one day. Lev is a good-hearted, intelligent man; he eventually does find work, a place to live, friends, and love. His adventures in the restaurant trade make for a delightful (and informative!) reading experience, and figure significantly in the resolution of his story. Tremain's mix of humor and emotional honesty creates a work I very much enjoyed.
Rating: *****

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