The Road Home

The Road Home

by Richard Paul Evans

Overview: Chicago celebrity and pitchman Charles James is supposed to be dead. Everyone believes he was killed in a fiery plane crash, a flight he narrowly missed. But thanks to that remarkable twist of fate, heís very much alive and ready for a second chance at life and love. Escaping death has brought Charles some clarity: the money, the fame, the expensive cars; none of it brought him true joy or peace. The last time he was truly happy was when he was married to his ex-wife Monica, before their relationship was destroyed by his ambition and greed, which involved bilking people out of thousands of dollars through pyramid schemes.

In the exciting and provocative series that began with The Broken Road and The Forgotten Road, Charles is still on his pilgrimage across the iconic Route 66 in The Road Home. He intends to finish his trek from Amarillo to Santa Monica, despite learning that his ex-wife is now engaged. With the initial reason for his trip in jeopardy, he still has lessons to learn along the way before he discoversóand arrives atóhis true destination.

Deanna Boe (07/19/19): Once more I simply grabbed a book from the library shelves without realizing this was the third book of a trilogy, in fact I didnít realize it until I had been reading it so obviously it didnít matter that I hadnít read the first two or thought I hadnít. Would I recommend you read the first two, probably, but it is not necessary, although the library does have them. Along with my unknown selection, once I was part way into the book I began to feel it was a book based on a true person which also wasnít true. Clearly I was a little confused and not up to date about this author. Shame on me. Richard Paul Evans writes inspirational stories that make you feel good when you finish the book. In short, they provide you with a pleasurable reading experience, the type of storylines you wish were true, especially in this day and age.

The main character is Charles James who I eventually recognized was an extremely wealthy man and it is at this point I also realized I had read the first book of this trilogy. Charles James made his money legally but when he heard of a man who committed suicide because of all the money he had made and then lost it, he started to think about his life and the meaning of life. This is when he decided to walk from Chicago to Santa Monica, California where his ex-wife lives with his son. He is doing this as a type of repentance to try and understand what life is really about with the hopes his wife will take him back. Will she?

Charles James decides to walk as much as possible on the old road Route #66. Along the way he meets some interesting people, people who do not know his past or who he really is and take compassion on him. It is shocking for him to realize there are people who have basically nothing and who are willing to share what little they have with him. The storyline can be somewhat repetitive at times, the walking from place to place, but you can breeze through those parts if you want. The main point of the storyline is there, how helping others can open a whole new concept of what life is really about. Compassion and understanding of others is important, something I am afraid is slipping away from us today.
Rating: ****

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