The Safety of Objects

The Safety of Objects

by A.M. Homes

Kim Sisto Robinson: A.M. Homes flings the reader inside places and situations they loathe but love in these short provocative stories about everyday people. Every character is memorable, unusual and eccentric; they are on the edge of yearning, longing, and desiring to attain something beyond their reach. Hence, Home's narratives will resonate with us because in actuality, we too, continue to grasp for the ungraspable, the unthinkable.

Reading "The Safety of Objects" is like peeking through somebody's window watching them undress. Each strip of clothing removed reveals something more wild and delicious about their sins, their obsessions, and their dirty little secrets. A boy in lust with a Barbie Doll; a mother murdering her disabled child; the fat girl fantasizing about normalcy; a dad lusting after a 15-year old girl; a boy wanting to stay with his kidnapper rather than go back home.

It is all so unbelievable...all so ghastly, Yet Homes is only showing us what we already know, have done, or have thought about doing. Yes, the reader will be shocked and stunned, but Homes is writing from a deep place of truth and authenticity whether we want to believe it or not. She is writing down what occurs when the doors are closed --- and believe me, sister; it is not a pretty site. I love an author who holds back NOTHING. And Homes allows every single demon out of its cage in "The Safety of Objects."
Rating: ****

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