The Scent of God

The Scent of God

by Beryl Singleton Bissell

Kim Sisto Robinson: I dreaded turning the last page of "The Scent of God" because I knew once I did, my journey with Beryl Singleton Bissell would end--and I still wanted to be part of her miraculous world.

All of us, even if we do not admit it, are seeking, perusing, and trying to find our place in the world, our essence, our God; something that will give us purpose and direction. And Beryl understands her destiny at an early age...."I want to be a saint," she declares. She joins the convent at the ripe age of eighteen years old. This is where her wisdom, heartaches, friendships, longings, and love originates. This is where she finds the two greatest loves of her life: A Priest and God.

Beryl Singleton Bissell does not hold back in her memoir, and her honesty about the world pulling her in one direction and God pulling her in another direction creates an authentic, delicious, stunning memoir. I cannot tell the reader any more or I shall give away the unexpected, the beautiful, the unmoving wildness of human desire, which is inside all of us.

Beryl Singleton Bissell sets the reader on fire with her words and her love for the God who created her; the God, who in spite of everything, sometimes blesses the choices we decide to make.

Brava for Beryl!
Rating: *****

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