The Sealed Letter

The Sealed Letter

by Emma Donoghue

Arlene Almas: Based on real people and events, this is the story of Emily "Fido" Faithfull, who was active in the women's movement in 19th century England. She is very passionate about her Cause. It is her whole life - until a chance meeting draws her back into a friendship with Helen, a married woman she last saw seven years previously. The relationship blossoms again, but Helen's personal and marital problems begin to have serious negative effects on Fido's life and work, until finally matters escalate into a legal battle.

It's interesting to watch how the reader's perception of Helen's character evolves as more and more of her actions and behavior are revealed; Fido seems to alternately grasp the truth and remain in denial. The novel, while giving a historical picture of the sometimes contentious aspects of the original women's movement, has its main focus in the intertwined lives of these two women whose relationship forms a fascinating story.
Rating: ****


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