The Search

The Search

by Nora Roberts

Arlene Almas: Here's another wonderful book for all you Nora Roberts lovers out there! Naturally it follows the usual formula: fiercely independent, capable, beautiful heroine meets an equally independent, capable, handsome man; they are obviously meant for each other but squabble for much of the story and then fall passionately in love. I don't mean to use the word "formula" in a derogatory way - within this framework, Roberts creates a new narrative and unique characters every time. In "The Search" we have Fiona, living in a Pacific northwest community surrounded by nature. She works with a canine search and rescue team, including her own three dogs, and also conducts dog (and owner) training classes. About the same time as her new neighbor Simon and his recently acquired puppy enter Fiona's life, a horrendous reminder from her past resurfaces and she is once again entangled in the web of a serial killer. Roberts' prose and narrative are up-to-the-minute contemporary as she guides us through the intricacies of dog training and search and rescue techniques, the excitement of hunting down a murderous psychopath, and the stirring love story of two determined people. Enjoy!
Rating: ****

Marilyn Baron: If you're searching for a great summer read with all the romance, suspense and humor of a Nora Roberts novel, you won't have to look far. The Search, is the story of Fiona Bristow, living, or some would say, hiding out, on isolated Orcas Island, off the coast of Seattle. Fiona is the sole survivor of a serial killer's murderous spree. Her cop fiance and his K-9 partner were killed to punish her for being the only one who got away. She busies herself with her friends, her three loyal Labs, running a dog-training school and volunteering as a canine search and rescuer on the island.

When newcomer Simon Doyle, a gruff furniture artist, as remote as the island he lives on, brings his incorrigible puppy Jaws to be trained by Fiona, he immediately sizes her up as not his type. Fiona thinks Jaws is not the only one who needs training. Appropriately named, Jaws, a Lab-retriever mix, a gift from Simon's mother, eats everything in sight from flash drives and wood chips to the front seat of his owner's brand new truck. Simon refers to him as "a monster," an "escape artist," and "a demon from hell." A loner, Simon resorts to talking to Jaws, "Can't you see I'm busy? I don't have time to play every five damn minutes. One of us has to make a living!" Simon is obviously in need of rescuing.

Meanwhile, the Red Scarf Killer, who is locked away for life, has spawned a copycat killer, whose strings he's pulling from his prison cell. Red Scarf Killer II has promised to finish the job his "teacher" started: To find and kill Fiona. But RSKII has veered off the reservation and the FBI is on his trail.

Will they catch him before he gets to Fiona and another man she loves? Or will Fiona find the strength to get away and turn the tables on still another killer, while an innocent life hangs in the balance. If you love dogs you will love this book. And of course the human characters are pretty terrific too. I highly recommend "The Search." I'm currently reading the latest Nora Roberts novel (Writing as J.D. Robb) called "Treachery in Death."
Rating: *****

Wanda Cohen: OK. I admit that when I want an escape with a happy ending and a good story, I reach for a book by Nora Roberts. She is a good, solid writer and she's always entertaining. This one is one of her best. This book is a romance with a twist. Fiona Bristow is a canine search and rescue trainer who lives on Orcas Island, Pugent Sound. She is lucky number thirteen. She was supposed to be the thirteenth victim of a serial killer but she escaped. Now it appears that the killer is after the one that got away only he's still in prison. Whoever the killer is, he's moving closer. I love Fiona. She would make a really great friend. I learned so much about dog training that it was almost worth the read just for that. And let's not forget Simon Doyle. I want him to be real and I want to introduce him to my daughter! Buy this one and share it with your friends.
Rating: ****

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