The Secret Keeper

The Secret Keeper

by Kate Morton

Dale Israel (12/01/12): I really loved Kate Morton's other two books (The Forgotten Garden and House on Riverton) and was so excited that her latest novel, The Secret Keeper, had received rave reviews on Amazon. Sixteen year old Laurel escapes to her tree house on her English countryside farm during a family birthday party. She spies a stranger approach her mother. Unexpectedly, a shocking crime takes place. Fast forward 50 years. Laurel is now a successful actress coming home to help care for her dying mother. Time is running short to solve the mystery that took place so long ago. Will she be able learn what actually happened that fateful day? This was a strange book. I didn't want to give up on this book but the first 50% wasn't as engaging as Morton's other novels. I wanted to hurry up and finish it so that I could read the next book on my list. The second half, however, was a page turner....I simply couldn't put it down. You have to pay close attention to details throughout the novel and at times the vocabulary was somewhat challenging. Morton did cause me to stop and contemplate my own life. Children know their parents as parents, not as young adults in love. I wondered if my own 93 year old mother had any secrets from her past but as expected, she wouldn't own up to any! So how would I rate this novel? The first half gets 3 1/2 stars and the second half gets a 4 1/2 stars so I guess I'll rate it a 4 overall. Not Morton's best but still a decent read.
Rating: ****

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