The Senator's Wife

The Senator's Wife

by Sue Miller

Arlene Almas: I saw Hadrian's review and decided to give this one a try, and I enjoyed it very much. Meri is the young wife still getting used to being married and a homeowner; Delia is the older wife, an intelligent woman with a very emotionally complex marriage. Meri and Delia meet when Meri and her husband Nathan move into the attached house connected to Delia's. Meri and Nathan are aware that Delia's husband is Senator Tom Naughton, but they only see him once, on Christmas. This mystery is gradually solved as the author takes us through Delia and Tom's back story, while we are simultaneously accompanying Meri on her not always smooth journey through her new life. Ultimately Delia and Meri forge a bond which enables them to help each other get through some very rough patches in their lives - until that "unexpected turn..."
Rating: *****

Hadrian Kalfus: This is an interesting book. It follows two marriages, one brand new and one seasoned. It looks at feelings, choices, generations, similarities and differences in what choices we make in our marriages and lives. Poses the question of what path we would choose under these circumstances. Bit of an unexpected turn. Enjoyable story.
Rating: ***

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