The Shack

The Shack

by William P. Young

Kalee Gresham: I waited for months to read this book - I had it on my 'hold' list at the library forever, or so it seemed. I had read so many positive and inspirational reviews that perhaps my expectations were too high. This book left me flat. The story and the characterizations seemed predictable, and the text seemed to be aimed towards a seventh grade reading level. I was not challenged (neither intellectually nor spiritually) by this book. I would not recommend "The Shack".
Rating: **

Gwendolyn Waring: "The Shack" by Young is a great read. The first few chapters are hard to get through but the reader is richly rewarded by perseverance. It is hilarious and soul-searching. I recommended it to my husband with the above caveat. He agreed that he never would have imagined that he would enjoy a book so much after having to plow through the beginning.
Rating: ****

Barb Crout: Was wondering if anyone has submitted anything on The ShackI cannot be the first! I had to read it twice and am still not sure of what Im reading. Please find someone in your book club who can (and will) review it. I dont think its particularly controversial just hard to grasp thinking on a different level or is it simply a dream??? Whew!
Rating: This book is not rated

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