The Sisters Montclair

by Cathy Holton

Debbie Weiss (03/23/13): Stella Nightingale is a 21-year-old college student who needs a job to help her pay her bills so that she can stay in school. She takes a 2-day-a-week job as a caregiver for a wealthy 94-year-old woman named Alice Montclair Whittington. While these two individuals come from completely different backgrounds, both have secrets from their pasts that are haunting their present day lives. Alice is difficult and demanding, but she and Stella form a unique relationship of mutual admiration and caring. Alice's memory comes and goes, but she relays fascinating stories of her youth and her family. As time goes on, these two lonely people help each other to heal and to deal with their pasts, without actually realizing that they are doing so. I enjoyed the book and think others would as well.
Rating: ****

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