This Song is You

The Song is You

by Arthur Phillips

Arlene Almas: This is an unusual love story about Julian, 45, separated from his wife due to his emotional withdrawal after the death of their 2-year-old son, and Cait, a beautiful young Irishwoman he hears singing with a rock band in a small bar, at the very beginning of her climb to fame. His pursuit of her begins in a low-tech manner, consisting of cartoons drawn on bar coasters giving her some advice on her music (Julian is a director of commercials and has expertise in this area), but as their attraction to each other grows their relationship moves into the high-tech realm of e-mail, voice mail (both verbal and musical), videos, and website postings. Face-to-face meetings are planned but never materialize. Julian is Cait's mentor and lover; their love affair, although emotionally real, is conducted almost entirely virtually, across Brooklyn, Manhattan, Europe, and cyberspace. I see this as a very contemporary story of love and frustration, and one that draws the reader completely into the protagonist's heart and mind.
Rating: ****

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