The Spanish Promise

The Spanish Promise

by Karen Swan

Overview: Charlotte, a wealth counsellor who knows from personal experience the complications that a sudden inheritance can bring, helps her clients navigate the emotional side effects of sudden wealth syndrome. When she is asked by Mateo Mendoza, heir to a huge Spanish estate, to fly to Madrid to help resolve an issue in his father's will, she's confident it will be straightforward. The timing isn't great as Charlotte's due to get married the following week, but once her client signs on the dotted line, she can return to her life in London and her wedding, and live happily ever after. Marrying Stephen might not fill her with excitement, but she doesn't want to live in the fast lane anymore - safe and predictable is good.

But Carlos Mendoza's final bequest opens up a generation of secrets, and Charlotte finds herself compelled to unravel the mystery. As she digs deeper, Charlotte uncovers the story of a family divided by Spain's Civil War, and of a love affair across the battle lines that ended in tragedy. And while she is consumed in the drama of the Mendozas, Charlotte's own tragic past catches up with her, threatening to overturn everything in her life she's worked so hard to build.

Carole Zwicker (05/16/19): The Spanish Promise by Karen Swan is a mystery, a family drama and a Spanish history lesson. Charlotte, a wealth advisor, is summoned to Madrid by Mateo Mendoza to sort out a problem with his father Carlos' estate. She plans to then quickly return to London for her wedding to Stephen. However, upon her arrival, she discovers that a resolution to the wealthy Mendoza issues will involve more than a few days of work. She will be required to investigate the Mendoza family history all the way back to the Spanish Civil War. While digging into their past, Charlotte stirs up an important and tragic segment of her own past, which complicates her stay in Madrid and threatens to delay her return to London at a crucial time. This novel, while addressing wealth and family troubles, also has secondary plots that keep the reader interested and focused. The final chapters are satisfying and unexpected. This will make a great summertime read.
Rating: *****

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