The Sprit Child

The Spirit Child

by Alison Naomi Hold

L. Kriv (10/25/12): I read this book in three VERY late nights. Ms. Holt is an excellent storyteller whose works span genres. This is her first novel in the Fantasy realm and is spot-on. The writing is crisp, clean, and to the point.

Set in a world similar to the Middle Ages, there is a strong influence of Native American tribal culture and spiritualism implicit throughout. The danger is real and immediate. The humanity is three-dimensional, as is the personal growth of the main characters. The personal pain and torment of the both the Duchess and the Spirit Child has depth, from which they have the opportunity to grow. Spirit Guides are personal, both spiritual and real. They are woven in ways that are not necessarily obvious. Both Human and Spirit Guide have to grow and learn from each other. They each must protect and be protected. From that, the story grows.

I highly recommend this book. I am very glad that this is only Book One. There is so much story to tell. I cannot wait for the next book!
Rating: *****

Annie Ross (09/26/12): Who would you become if you were a healer, guided by an animal sprit, would you heed the call of courage to do and see what others cannot? Who would you be if you had watched your family slaughtered by the age of 5? And your captors were so malevolent that you were not even given a name, and barely a shred of kindness? Would you have enough heart to fight to be whole? If you watched the love of your life die and were so lost in grief that there was no path back, who would you become?

And if the animal spirits were shown to you, became a part of you, what then? How far would you go, to keep pain at bay? What and where would hope find you? On your deathbed betrayed by one you most loved, what would your final days' goal be?

Strong characters and hard questions. Who are you? Whom would you become? What price would you pay?

I could not put this book down, reading till dawn more than once. The second read bests the first. I loved the characters and would be glad to call them friends. I find myself fascinated by the tale. I can not imagine what Alison faced to bring her such knowledge but I am so glad that she has shared the journey with us. When does the next book come out???? I wait with baited breath. Bravo!
Rating: *****

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