The Spite Game

The Spite Game

by Anna Sonekstra

Overview: Mercilessly bullied in high school, Ava knows she needs to put the past behind her and move on, but she can’t—not until she’s exacted precise, catastrophic revenge on the people who hurt her the most.

First, she watches Saanvi. Flawlessly chic and working hard at a top architectural firm, Saanvi has it all together on the surface. But everyone does bad things when they think no one is watching and Ava only wants what’s fair—to destroy Saanvi’s life the way her own was destroyed.

Next, she watches Cass. She’s there as Cass tries on wedding dresses, she’s there when Cass picks out a cake, she’s there when Cass betrays her fiancé. She’s the reason Cass’s entire future comes crashing down.

Finally, Ava watches Mel. Mel was always the ringleader and if anyone has to pay, it’s her. But one tiny slipup and Ava realizes the truth: Mel knows she’s being watched, and she’s ready to play Ava’s games to the bitter end.

From the gritty streets of Vancouver to the fateful halls of justice, Full Disclosure is a razor-sharp thriller that pulses with authenticity and intrigue.

Carole Zwicker (12/03/18): Every now and then, all books get put aside so that a reader can indulge in the pure pleasure of a revenge story. The Spite Game pushes all the buttons. Ava is viciously bullied by the mean girls at her high school. Saanvi, Cass and Mel exceed the limits of cruelty and make Ava's life pure hell. After graduation, everyone pursues different careers and gets on with their lives, with the exception of Ava, who cannot get over the abuse she suffered at the hands of the mean girls. She systematically gets her revenge starting with Saanvi, then Cass. Mel discovers what Ava is up to and therein lies the outcome of this novel. This is a satisfying read because we cheer for the abused getting the upper hand. I had a good time reading The Spite Game by Anna Snoekstra. The author effectively shows us the lifetime damage done by bullies.
Rating: *****

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