The Storm King

The Storm King

by Brendan Duffy

Overview: Nate McHale has assembled the kind of life most people would envy. After a tumultuous youth marked by his inexplicable survival of a devastating tragedy, Nate left his Adirondack hometown of Greystone Lake and never looked back. Fourteen years later, he’s become a respected New York City surgeon, devoted husband, and loving father.

Then a body is discovered deep in the forests that surround Greystone Lake. This disturbing news finally draws Nate home. While navigating a tense landscape of secrets and suspicion, resentments and guilt, Nate reconnects with estranged friends and old enemies, and encounters strangers who seem to know impossible things about him. Haunting every moment is the Lake’s sinister history and the memory of wild, beautiful Lucy Bennett, with whom Nate is forever linked by shattering loss and youthful passion.

As a massive hurricane bears down on the Northeast, the air becomes electric, the clouds grow dark, and escalating acts of violence echo events from Nate’s own past. Without a doubt, a reckoning is coming—one that will lay bare the lies that lifelong friends have told themselves and unleash a vengeance that may consume them all.

Deanna Boe (07/13/18): For those of you who like a novel that is captivating and exciting, this is the book for you. It grabs your attention from the very beginning and holds it to the end. There are enough twists and turns to keep you guessing as to what really happened fourteen years before and just why Nate McHale, a successful doctor from New York, has returned to his hometown or as some would say “the scene of the crime.” But what crime is it? If so, was there really a crime?

Nate lived in an Adirondack community that has this picturesque lake, surrounded by steep, scenic forests; he lived there until he left for college. Years before, on this lake, was a type of exquisite casino/dinner place, along with high-end prostitutes. It had an exciting but shady history where illegal liquor was once brought and served. It was called The Night Ship, and was quite picturesque until it was partially destroyed by a fire in the 60’s. I guess my only question concerning this whole story is why this once magnificent building was left to simply rot on the lake. But then, we wouldn’t have this troublesome story, would we?

Nate’s personal history is incredible. When he was a teen-ager his family was driving on a narrow, winding road above the community when a drunk driver forced them off the road, causing them to plunge into the lake. His whole family drowned, whereas somehow he was found on the shore alive. How was this possible? Nate then lived with his grandmother until he went to college.

Nate became what many felt was “invincible.” He and three other of his buddies formed a group who felt they should correct any wrongs that were happening within their community. In short, the vandalism they committed was far from minor. Before Nate left for college his girlfriend simply disappeared. Did she simply walk away? A note appears that makes it seem she possibly did. Ironically a body was discovered in the forest fourteen years later that was eventually identified as her. This is why Nate finally returns after being gone for all those years. It just so happens to coincide with a hurricane that is hitting that area that adds to all the suspense and difficulties for the week-end. Nate reconnects with his three buddies and all the stories emerge of the horrible things they had done. Ironically, similar things start to happen that week-end, not unlike what they had done. Who is behind it and why? You won’t find out from me, you will have to read this well written and suspenseful book to find out. I do know I want to find this author’s first novel, HOUSE OF ECHOES, I am sure it is also excellent.
Rating: ****+

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