The Summer Kitchen

The Summer Kitchen

by Lisa Wingate

Stephanie Stiles: I read this book about a year ago, and, unlike many other books I've read, this one stuck with me. I loved Wingate's descriptions of life in affluent, suburban Westchester; and her observations on class and social posturing were astutely, honestly, and, ultimately, kindly rendered. Am I allowed to say that I like to read books that are less about hardship than about success? Even though this book had some of each, it was an uplifting story.
Rating: ****

Judy Stanton: The Summer Kitchen may be a summer read, fairly quick, light plot that moves along to a fairly predictable ending. The story does hit hard on family relationship issues -- showing struggles with parental and spousal expectations, lack of open and honest communications, verbal and physical abuse -- that impacts poor families as well as those that are more well-to-do. The book worked at teaching moral lessons--- the importance of helping others less fortunate, of supporting people in their personal journey, and of listening and really hearing those closest to you. I would rate it a 3+.
Rating: ***+

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