The Temptation of Gracie

The Temptation of Gracie

by Santa Montefiore

Overview:When Gracie Burton stumbles upon an advertisement for a week-long cookery course in the heart of the Tuscan countryside,she cannot resist, and ploughs her life savings into the trip.

Her only family – daughter Carina and granddaughter Anastasia – are hesitant about what has prompted this seemingly random venture. But they have no sense of Gracie’s past; of what could possibly be calling her to Italy. They have no idea that Gracie is harbouring the secret of an extraordinary life that preceded them . . .

Bestselling author, Santa Montefiore, returns with an unforgettable tale of love lost and rediscovered, set across the beautiful landscape of Italy

Carole Zwicker (05/04/19): The Temptation of Gracie by Santa Montefiore takes the reader to Castello Montefosco in Tuscany for a week of cooking lessons and delectable food and wine in one of the world's most beautiful corners. Gracie, a widow in her sixties living an ordinary life in Devon, suddenly decides to spend time in Italy. Her daughter Carina, not wanting her mother to travel alone, joins her and brings along her teenage daughter Anastasia. Both younger women are not close to Gracie or each other and the trip begins on a strained note. But the magic of Tuscany soon thaws the chill in their relationships. They find out that Gracie had lived in the area for fifteen years in her youth when she was an apprentice to her uncle, an art restorer. It has been over forty years since Gracie's stay there and Carina and Anastasia discover that she had met and left behind the love of her life. Romance novels are usually not my reading preference but I found this one well-written and entertaining. The characters are interesting and the story flows well. I would recommend it as a cottage or beach read.
Rating: *****

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