The Testament of Harold's Wife

The Testament of Harold's Wife

by Lynne Hugo

Overview: After losing her husband, Harold, and her beloved grandson, Cody, within the past year, Louisa has two choices. She can fade away on her Indiana family farm, where her companionship comes courtesy of her aging chickens and an argumentative cat. Or, she can concoct A Plan. Louisa, a retired schoolteacher who’s as smart, sassy, and irreverent as ever, isn’t the fading away type.

The drunk driver who killed Cody got off scot-free by lying about a deer on the road. Harold had tried to take matters into his own hands, but was thwarted by Gus, the local sheriff. Now Louisa decides to take up Harold’s cause, though it will mean outsmarting Gus, who’s developed an unwelcome crush on her, and staying ahead of her adult son who’s found solace in a money-draining cult and terrible art.

Louisa's love of life is rekindled as the spring sun warms her cornfields and she goes into action. But even the most Perfect Plans can go awry. A wounded buck, and a teenage boy on the land she treasures help Louisa see that the enduring beauty of the natural world and the mystery of human connection are larger than revenge . . . and so is justice.

Carole Zwicker (11/09/18): What a little treasure this book is: it will make you laugh, it will make you cry. And you will not regret spending time with The Testament of Harold's Wife by Lynne Hugo. Louisa is Harold's wife. She has lost her grandson Cody, who was killed by a drunken driver. Larry has been found not guilty of this crime because he claimed he swerved to avoid hitting a deer. Louisa has also lost her husband Harold. She spends most of her days with her cat and chickens which are named after the sisters in Little Women. She finds herself needing revenge for the loss of her grandson and husband. She meticulously plots how to get back at Larry, a plan which occupies her days and nights. You need to read the book to find out how all that planning and plotting works out. This novel brings out all kinds of emotions: anger, loss, sorrow, revenge, laughter and hope in the future, no matter what. A great read.
Rating: *****

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