The Time Keeper

The Time Keeper

by Mitch Albom

Judy Stanton (04/28/13): When an author has a blockbuster book that rates a 5, I tend to seek out and read much of their work. Such is the case with Mitch Albom, whose Tuesdays with Morrie was so wonderful. In his subsequent books, however, I feel like he has a single sort of spiritual message he wants to get across; but, I feel, he tries to get it across through a simple parable, not unlike a children's fairy tale. In "The Five People You Meet in Heaven," the message was that you never know whose life you may have touched. In The Time Keeper, the message is that life is short for a reason, so that every day is precious, so enjoy it. While I'm fine with the message, the story didn't grab me. After reading well researched books with characters described in depth and great twists and turns in plot, I found this book to be disappointing. I did find, however, that reviews on Amazon don't agree with me. I also learned that Albom, like one of his characters in this book, regrets never having children. Another interesting note, one article said that he is probably the best-selling Jewish author; I wouldn't have guessed that. It is a very quick 200 page read, which is why I muddled through to the end.
Rating: **

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