The Waiting

The Waiting

by Cathy LaGrow

Overview: In 1928, 16-year-old Minka was on a picnic in the woods when she was assaulted and raped. And suddenly this innocent farm girl—who still thought the stork brought babies—was pregnant. The story that follows has been almost a hundred years in the making. After a lifetime of separation, Minka whispered an impossible prayer for the first time: Lord, I’d like to see Betty Jane before I die. What happened next was a miracle. Written by Cathy LaGrow (Minka’s granddaughter), The Waiting brings three generations of this most unusual family together over the course of a century in a story of faith that triumphs, forgiveness that sets us free, and love that never forgets.

Linda Schulte (04/03/18): The Waiting is the true story of Minka, a dutch immigrant, and her decades-long wait to see her daughter again. Minka, a completely innocent 17-year-old farm girl in South Dakota was raped by a stranger during a sewing circle picnic in the 1920's. Minka's mother had never explained anything to her, so she didn't even realize what was going to happen to her in the upcoming months of pregnancy. Minka's family sent her to the Lutheran home to stay until the birth of her baby.

Mother and baby had five short weeks together before the adoption was finalized, and during that time Minka fell completely in love with her daughter who she named Betty Jane. Heartbroken, Minka returned to her family's dairy farm, but she never forgot about her beautiful baby. She continued to write letters to the unwed mother's home for years and years, hoping to receive any information about her daughter's new life. Betty Jane was adopted by a Lutheran pastor and his wife, and she enjoyed a happy childhood with her adoptive parents and brothers.

This all sounds pretty much "par for the course", I know, but the story goes to a deeper level explaining the details of Minka's life and eventually that of Betty Jane (now Ruth). The extra-special part for me was discovering that Ruth's family moved to Viroqua, Wisconsin (my hometown) when Ruth was a teenager, and her husband, sons and grandchildren are familiar names in the area- and even one famous name, known to many throughout the United States! Minka's dedication to her daughter through the many years finally culminates in answered prayer. This is the very sweet, true story of how God answered the prayers of a faithful, loving mother who never gave up waiting. This is the first book by Minka's granddaughter, Cathy LaGrow.
Rating: ****

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