Year of Fog

The Year of Fog

by Michelle Richmond

Brenda Horne: This is a well-written, compelling book about the most horrible kind of loss, the search, the mysteries of memory, and an unflagging determination to find the truth.  In a moment's lapse at at foggy Ocean Beach, California, Abby, a young photographer allows her attention to wander from her fiance's 6-year-old daughter to a dead seal pup.  When she looks up from her camera mere moments later, the little girl has vanished without a trace.  Disbelief, panic and dread set in as the first few days of the search create a fog of its own.  Days turn into weeks and months as the couple finds their relationship strained to the breaking point when they are unable to provide solace to one another.  An interesting study of memory in interlaced throughout the story as Abby continues her inexhaustable search.  As a mother, I read this in horror with that "What would I do in her shoes?" feeling as I turned each page to try to find Emma myself.  Read this one on a weekend when you can sleep late because you won't want to put it down.
Rating: *****

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