The Year of Living Biblically

The Year of Living Biblically

by A.J. Jacobs

Terry Segal: I loved this non-fiction foray into living a religious life! A.J. Jacobs was born Jewish but grew up in a secular home. As he says, "I'm Jewish in the same way that the Olive Garden is Italian. Not very." He wanted to see what he's been missing from being raised without religion and also what he should teach his sons about the Bible.

So, to "walk in the sandals" of the ancients, he immersed himself in the Bible's teachings and lived them as literally as possible. He was learning from the community members of the Amish in Pennsylvania, the Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn, evangelical Christians at Reverand Falwell's church in Virginia and the Samaritans in Israel.

His son was small and his wife was pregnant with their twin boys when A.J. began his year-long quest. His telling of the trials and tribulations of trying to live the Bible literally made me laugh out loud, and often. I agree with him that his wife is a saint. She, too, had to have quite a sense of humor to put up with some of his antics--including his stoning of an elderly man who stated that he was an adulterer.

Besides thoroughly enjoying the read, I learned things that I didn't know. That was fun, too.
Rating: *****

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