The Year of the Flood

The Year of the Flood

by Margaret Atwood

Arlene Almas: Margaret Atwood has the most incredible imagination! Here is a new "speculative fiction" (sounds more literary than science fiction) novel of hers that takes place after corporations have taken over pretty much everything and have their own security corps, and gene splicing is an everyday occurrence. Corporation employees live in guarded compounds, the poor subsist outside the compounds, and various groups opposed to the corporations live wherever they can and follow their own beliefs about how to live a better life for themselves and the world. We follow one of these groups, the Gardeners, and its members; we come to know their philosophy and the day-to-day details of how they endure in their grimly challenging world. The Gardeners are convinced that a great catastrophe is imminent due to the genetic manipulation being carried on by the corporations, and they are determined to prepare themselves in order to survive it. The characters are idiosyncratic and fascinating, frightened and brave, oppressed and struggling for the freedom to live the way they wish. You will not be able to close this book without knowing the fate of Toby, Ren, Zeb, Amanda, and the numerous others whose stories Atwood tells so spellbindingly.
Rating: *****

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