The Yellow Balloon

The Yellow Balloon

by Charlotte Dematons

Overview:Writer and illustrator Charlotte Dematons brings the same enchanting look to this picture book that made her Worry Bear and Looking for Cinderella so successful. Lovely watercolors portray a great and diverse planet teeming with life at all times of day and night. People and animals of every shape, color, size, and costume are seen, busy at work and play. As the yellow balloon floats through many time periods - ancient, medieval, and contemporary - and realms both natural and supernatural, young readers can also look for the small blue car, the fakir on his flying carpet, and the scoundrel in prison garb. This story will fascinate young readers as they embark on a lively and fun-filled journey around the globe.

Linda Smither (01/11/17): Book Disclaimer: This is a wordless picture book. LOVELY book! It took me and my 5 yo grandson 45 minutes to discover all the various scenarios, characters and mini story lines. Beautifully illustrated, suitable for 2 1/2 - Adult.

Reviewer Disclaimer: I typically would not submit a children's book for review on this web site, but The Yellow Balloon is a real charmer - try it, you'll like it! (even if you don't have a lap sit child) One of my rare 5 Stars ratings.
Rating: *****

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