The Yiddish Policemen's Union

The Yiddish Policemen's Union

by Michael Chabon

Anne Ferber: I can't believe no one has rated this book. Imagine this: The U.N. rejects the Balfour Amendment and after WWII the Jews have no Isreal to go to. Where can they go? Sitka, Alaska? With the snow and ice and the native Alaskans? Yes, they are given a lease and form an independent Yid conclave, and now, the lease is running out and they have to decide to stay and assimilate or go back to Europe or America or anywhere they can get in.

This book is so hilarious, I had to stop reading at certain points just to reflect, harness my resources and continue. The plot reads like a Damon Runyon mystery. There is a murder, a rogue detective, a cult, a Jewish Mafia, a "stringman", the Erev supervisor, who delegates where the strings shoud go. Michael Chabon has such an off the wall sense of humor; it's like being tickled until you can't take it anymore. There are, of course, some serious and sad sub plots as well. I highly, highly recommend this book.
Rating: *****

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