Third Degree

Third Degree

by Greg Iles

Overview: In the span of twenty-four hours, every-thing Laurel Shields believes about her life and her marriage to a prominent doctor will be shattered — if she survives a terrifying ordeal. The day begins with the jarring discovery that, soon after ending an affair, Laurel is pregnant. But when she returns home to find her husband ashen, unkempt, and on the brink of violence, a nightmare quickly unfolds. In the heart of an idyllic Mississippi town, behind the walls of her perfect house, Laurel finds herself locked in a volatile standoff with a husband she barely recognizes. Confronted with evidence of her betrayal, she must tread a deadly path between truth and deception while a ring of armed police prepares a dangerous rescue. But Laurel's greatest fear — and her only hope — lies with her former lover, a brave man whom fate has granted the power to save both Laurel and her children — if she can protect his identity long enough....

Deanna Boe (10/04/19): When I am between “libraries,” in short, traveling from one location to another, I often pick up books from Used Book Stores, or similar locations to have something with me to read and not have to worry about returning it to the library on time. This is the case with this book. It was written in 2007 and I had missed reading it at that time. I am a fan of Greg Iles’s writing but found this book to be entirely different from his usual style and I am not sure how I feel about it. It was different is all I can say.

THIRD DEGREE is about a married couple who have hit a very low point in their lives. The beginning of the story finds her extremely upset when she finds out she is pregnant. Why? Whereas, while she is discovering this, her husband is pulling down books in his office, looking thru them and dropping them on the floor and she doesn’t ask why. She takes the children to school only to return to her husband holding a gun on her. It turns out he has discovered a love letter written to his wife by another man and he demands to know who. Ironically the reason he had discovered this letter was because the doctor he is a partner with is being investigated for fraud, and he is also implicated. The story line goes on to tell about the man she is having an affair with, and the doctor who has gotten them all into trouble. This isn’t your usual style for Iles but that doesn’t mean you won’t find it interesting? I give this book a 3.
Rating: ***

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