This Could Change Everything

This Could Change Everything/h1>

by Jill Mansell

Overview: All it takes is one email to end her relationship, get her kicked out of her apartment, and just about ruin her life. Essie Phillips never meant for her private rant about her boss to be sent to everyone in her address book, but as soon as it goes viral, her life as she knows it is over. Solution: move to a new town, find a new job, make new friends. If only it were as simple as that...

Deanna Boe (09/07/18): THIS COULD CHANGE EVERYTHING by Jill Mansell is definitely an easy to read book, what is usually referred to as a “summer/read.” But since this review might not be posted until this fall, I guess we can call it a “fall/read?” It is a romance that appears to have ended badly, but naturally, ends perfectly, almost like a fairy tale. Essie Phillips writes an e-mail detailing what all she doesn’t like about her boss who just so happens to be her boyfriend’s mother! This was a type of e-mail where you are just “letting off steam” and not intended to be mailed. She has one too many glasses of wine and falls asleep. Her brother comes to spend the night at her apartment, along with a friend, and he reads the e-mail and thought it a great joke to send it out to all on her e-mail list. With a brother like this, who needs enemies? Anyway, Essie loses her job, her boyfriend (who she was living with), so now she also doesn’t have anywhere to live. Never fear, Essie finds a job, along with a great place to live, and naturally a new man who attracts her interest. Does all end well? Your guess, which is probably easy to figure out. This is a light-hearted and easy to read book, especially good if you have just read Stephen King’s latest.
Rating: ***

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