This is the Story of a Happy Marriage

This is the Story of a Happy Marriage

by Ann Patchett

Overview: The New York Times bestselling author of State of Wonder, Run, and Bel Canto creates a resonant portrait of a life in this collection of writings on love, friendship, work, and art.

In This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage, Ann Patchett brings her narrative gifts to bear on her own life, using insight and compassion to turn very personal experiences into stories that will resonate with every reader. Stretching from her childhood to the present day, from a disastrous early marriage to a later happy one, she covers a multitude of topics, including relationships with family and friends, and charts the hard work and joy of writing, and the unexpected thrill of opening a bookstore.

Faith Bowers (07/16/15): I am pretty sure I have read all of Ann Patchett's fiction. She learned her craft by writing essays and articles for magazines until her books were sold successfully. This is a book of her best essays and most of these are about her life so there is the thread of a story of her life. The longest essay is how she learned to write fiction from her educators at college and beyond. I found it the most memorable for a wanna be writer. How she found her dog, how she finally got married and how she defended herself at Clemson University are all subjects of the essays. For me it was a feel good book as well as beautifully written.
Rating: *****

Gail Reid (06/20/15): This is a collection of Patchett's essays that have previously appeared in a wide range of magazines over the last decade. Known as a best-selling literary fiction writer, Patchett tells us that writing non-fiction allowed her to support herself for many years while writing the Patron Saint of Liars and Bel Canto.

Perhaps it is Patchett's style that makes all of these essays so engaging; she is funny,insightful and wise and these traits are reflected in her work. Whether it is the essay on waitressing at TGIF's to support her writing; escaping an early bad marriage; learning to scale a 6 foot wall to qualify for the police exam; finding a soulmate in her rescue dog; befriending the nun who once taught her to read; caring for her 90 year-old grandmother; or refusing to marry her boyfriend for 11 years because she feared divorce, she communicates to the reader easily and enjoyably.
Rating: *****

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