Tigerlily's Orchids

Tigerlily's Orchids

by Ruth Rendell

Arlene Almas (08/19/11): Ruth Rendell is a long-time author of British mysteries, and I always enjoy her books. This one concerns the inhabitants of what I guess we would call a co-op: those who live there own their flats (apartments). Naturally they are all eccentric and interact with each other in unexpected ways. Across the street live a few other characters (I mean characters in both senses of the word!); some of those in the co-op flats keep a close eye on the ones across the street, and vice versa. Eventually we discover the story behind the across-the-street mystery family, while we get to know this collection of delightfully quirky people. Rendell has done her usual fine job of smooth and humorous mystery writing.
Rating: ****

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