Too Loud a Silence

Too Loud a Silence

by Jo Jackson

Overview: A secret held, a fear unspoken. Green gates and a flame tree - just as her mother described. The bolt screeches back ...

It is 2011. Egypt is in the grip of the Arab Spring as journalist Maha Rhodes flies to Cairo. Born in Egypt but raised in England, Maha no longer knows who she is. Finding out becomes important. Events draw her into the political mayhem. She experiences the passion and violence of the revolution and is confronted by her own naivety. How will her life be changed as a web of lies and deceit unfolds?

Too Loud A Silence will take you to Egypt. A beautiful, poignant and, at times, brutal story based on real events.

Simone Hanson (04/21/17): Maha is a free-lance journalist, a young woman who lives life on her own terms. She is headstrong yet vulnerable in her youth and the ignorance that comes from a protected life. Still grieving for her recently deceased father, she leaves her mother to travel to Cairo where, thirty years earlier, her parents adopted her. Barely out of the airport, she is harshly welcomed into the place of her birth. She has not considered the dangers of the Arab Spring. But there are friends everywhere as well as enemies, and soon Maha begins the search for her own, personal beginnings with the help of these new friends.

This is a book that will stay with you. It is a rich, multi-layered work that leads you down the path toward Maha's infancy wherein lies a secret that her mother had hoped to keep hidden. It's the story of a young wife desperate for children she can't have. It's the story of an unsettled part of the world striving for dignity in the face of cruelty.

Simple cruelty has great power and that is a theme that runs deep in this moving novel of history in the making. Trust this author; she knows what she is doing. She'll bring you to Cairo, she'll introduce you to the people, and she will help you understand how the crisis of country affects us all.
Rating: ****

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