Traveling With Pomegranates

Traveling With Pomegranates

by Sue Monk Taylor and Ann Kidd Taylor

Terry Segal: I loved reading this book! It is a moving double-memoir of Sue Monk Kidd and her daughter, Ann Kidd Taylor, as they travel to sacred sites in both France and Greece. Sue Monk Kidd, author of The Secret Life of Bees and The Mermaid Chair,is entering her fifties as her daughter is in her early twenties. Each woman chronicles her perceptions, desires and demons that are relevant to their life stages. Sue, aware of the crisis of aging, struggles with the creative path her life might take. Ann, on the verge of beginning her life, is challenged by the choices ahead of her. This dynamic mother-daughter team is a twenty-first century Demeter and Persephone. Demeter was the multi-talented goddess of the harvest who was also in charge of the seasons, vegetation, and the continuation of mankind. Daunting to have a mother like that. And Ann, like Persephone, gets pulled into the underworld. Ann is challenged with bouts of depression. Each woman uses her writing as a tool of self-discovery. If you have a daughter, or are one, you will likely find meaning in this book.
Rating: *****

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