Travels With Charley

Travels With Charley: In Search of America

by John Steinbeck

Mary Ann Kavouras: In the fall of 1960, Steinbeck set out to reconnect with his own country after having spent much of the previous couple of years in Europe. He turned a trailer into a small camper, then left his wife at home for three months while he travelled the country with the company of his poodle, Charley. Travels took him through New England, across the northern states into the west, through his native California, then through Texas and the south. Finally he travelled back up the east coast to his home in New York. This was a pleasant read. Steinbeck shares encounters with people and nature. He shares his thoughts about the state of his country, both physically and culturally (which is sort of fun, it being 1960 and all). Bottom line, this book is a beautifully written travel journal.
Rating: ****

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