U is for Undertow

U is for Undertow

by Sue Grafton

Debbie Weiss: While "U is for Undertow" is another in a long series of books written by Sue Grafton about P.I. Kinsey Milhone, it is the first book that I have read by this author. I found the book to be intelligently written and it kept my attention to the end. Kinsey is approached by a man in his 20's named Michael Sutton who claims that he recently heard a news story about the kidnapping of a 4-year-old girl 20 years ago. The story has caused him to start having memories of an encounter he had as a young boy around the time of the kidnapping. He was playing in the woods behind a friend's house and he saw two men burying an object. He believes he might have been a witness to the burial of the kidnapped girl, whose body was never recovered. Kinsey agrees to try to help him locate the gravesite and to find the two men. Along the way we learn that Michael has a history of not always telling the truth and it becomes questionable if his newly found memories are actually real. I liked Kinsey's character because of her intelligence and her work ethic and I would definitely recommend this book.
Rating: ****

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