Under the Dome

Under the Dome

by Stephen King

Wanda Cohen: It's been years since I've had the courage to read Stephen King. Now I'm kicking myself for staying away so long. This is an excellent reminder of what an amazing writer he is and how he can grab your attention and pull you into his story immediately and keep his hold on you until the end. With this book, the end is on page 1072! All of you with electronic readers will be so happy not to have to carry this monster around. The rest of you believe me when I tell you it's worth the arm exercise.

This book is about many characters, some you will identify with, some you will be glad you can't come close to understanding. The action starts quick. On an ordinary day, in an ordinary town, something extraordinary happens. The entire town is sealed under an enormous, invisible dome. The dome follows the towns borders so accurately that if you were half in and half out of town when it fell, like an unsuspecting beaver, you were dead. If you are out of town, you are locked out. If you are in town, you are locked in. No time to prepare. No time to make sure you have supplies. No time to get medical personnel lined up. No time to warn the drivers in the cars. No time to stop the planes overhead. And no indication of when or if the dome will ever lift. The plot is thick with small town idiots and local heros. This situation brings out the best and the worst in everyone caught in the crisis.

Only Stephen King can hold a mirror in front of our faces and show us our darkest edges , our hidden evil. Here are human beings using all their talents and all their abilities to self destruct and take others along with them, for the good of the town. There are wonderful, kind, resourceful citizens to be sure, they show us what we hope we would be like if we woke up one day and were trapped like ants in an ant farm. Buy it. Read it. Share it
Rating: ****

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