Untold Story

Untold Story

by Monica Ali

Arlene Almas (02/23/12): In this imaginative tale, Monica Ali creates an alternative history in which Princess Diana is not killed in a car crash but rather goes on to live incognito after faking her own drowning off the coast of Brazil. To accomplish this "little plan" she is helped by her secretary, Lawrence Standing, who probably knows her better than anyone else in her life, and is aware of her desperate desire to escape her supposedly glamorous existence which is actually filled with depression, loneliness, risky romances with multiple suitors, and the constant attention of aggressive paparazzi. Her only regret is leaving the two sons she loves so much. The narrative follows her new life in the U.S. as she struggles to learn how to live as an ordinary woman and make friends, while keeping her past completely secret. I found this unusual story very appealing and could hardly wait to find out whether she succeeded in her quest.
Rating: ****

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