Up Island

Up Island

by Anne Rivers Siddons

Overview: From childhood, Molly Bell Redwine was taught by her charismatic, domineering mother that "family is everything." But no one warned Molly that family can change unexpectedly. In rapid succession, her husband of more than twenty years abandons her for a younger woman, her mother dies, and her Atlanta clan scatters to the four winds. Molly is set adrift in a heartbeat.

With her old world crumbling, Molly takes refuge with a friend on Martha's Vineyard, hoping to come to terms with who she truly is. When the summer season ends, Molly decides to stay on, renting a small cottage on a remote up-island pond—becoming part of an odd, new, very real family that taxes her old outworn notions. And as the long Vineyard winter approaches, Molly braces herself for the arduous task she must undertake: a search for renewal and identity, and the strength to carry her through to the warm and healing spring..

Deanna Boe (10/15/19): One of my favorite southern writers recently passed away. I enjoyed her writing long before I came here to live in the South. Her writing is such that you could hand me a book of hers, without telling me who wrote it, and after reading only a page or two I could easily identify her as the author. She had a style all of her own. She will be missed. I then decided I needed to check and see if I had read all of her books and fortunately had not. Thus I could enjoy her writing style once more.

In many ways UP ISLAND could almost be two books. The first part could be expanded to simply have the main character, Molly, continue her life in Atlanta and see where it goes after her husband asked her for a divorce. Or, you could take the second part of the book, when Molly goes to Martha’s Vineyard, and develop her life even more than the book does. As usual the descriptions and her use of vocabulary are wonderful. They pull you in and keep your interest until the very end. The book does leave you wondering just what will happen to Molly, will she continue to live in Martha’s Vineyard or eventually return to Georgia? What about her Father? In short, the book leaves too many unanswered questions for me. No matter, it was comforting to read another of Siddons’ books.
Rating: ****+

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